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Helping Business Owners Protect Their Interests

At Edsall Law, our attorneys’ concentration in business representation, estate planning and property dispute resolution not only covers substantive areas of the law but also provides our clients with an array of prompt and competent legal services.

For over 35 years, business owners throughout Southern California have relied on attorney David Edsall to protect their best interests throughout their entity’s life cycle. Whether you are in the process of forming a new enterprise or are contemplating a wind-down, we are qualified to assist you with all legal matters related to this undertaking. Contact Edsall Law at our Camillo office today to discuss your concerns with a seasoned business law attorney.

Identifying Solutions That Achieve Your Goals

As legal advisers, we work with our clients in forming partnerships, corporations and other operating agreements to help them achieve their desired business objectives. Our ultimate goal is to develop a long-term business relationship with our clients, advising them on current and future business needs.

We represent large and small companies in matters related to:

  • Entity formation for corporations, LLCs and partnerships
  • Business disputes
  • Contract drafting, negotiations and revisions
  • Business succession planning

We help our clients contain legal costs by designing contracts that contain mechanisms for resolving potential civil disputes in an efficient manner. When conflicts cannot be avoided, we work with our clients to find economical solutions.

Arrange Your Consultation Today

Learn more about our extensive range of business law services during your private consultation. For your convenience, you can reach our team by calling 805-633-5140 or completing our online form.